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Not everyone can know everything, right? That is why encyclopedias were invented so everyone can have their own chance of finding what they want to know.
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Organizations established

As time passed, those encyclopedias moved to the internet and as organizations established their presences over the internet, they began to organize their own information over the internet.

Elder Abuse Conference

Elder Abuse Conference is one such source of information for all those seeking out information on the law.

Trademark Law

This law blog caters to several categories of information about the law.

laws of the country.

The blog is based in Australia and specifically caters to the laws of the country.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to help each and everyone that wants to find information on any aspect of the law.


In that context, our services include:

Free Information
Our primary services for people on the internet is that we are a free repository of information for several people. This information is sorted into categories and keywords for easy navigation throughout the site and helps people find what they are looking for easily. Unlike most other blogs, we do not charge anything for any information that we provide. The information comes from experts in the field of law that sign up with us.

The information comes from experts in the field of law that sign up with us.

In addition to just information, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that any information that goes out is in its best form.

That is why we keep an eye on the latest updates in law and changing cases so as to add these in our blogs for the most accurate information.

Latest Articles

3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Someone In IT

3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Someone In IT

The field of information technology has evolved greatly in the past two decades. Hundreds of job positions are being advertised now that were unknown a few years ago. This rapid change has posed a huge challenge to tech companies and recruiters i.e. hiring the right person. Non-tech companies are likely to go for managed services adelaide. Other companies spend a lot of time and resources to find the perfect candidate, but the truth is that no candidate is perfect. Companies should look for the right candidate instead of the perfect one, and here’s how that can be done.

Advertising the job correctly

One part of the hiring process that is often criticized by tech job seekers and graduate students is incorrect advertisement of the job. Mostly the technical jobs are advertised by the HR department who don’t know much about the technology stacks and their correct application. A job advertisement went viral on LinkedIn in which four years’ experience was required for a particular framework which was released only 1.5 years ago. To avoid such scenarios companies should consult with IT professionals to define the job description and requirements clearly. 

Companies also need to increase the technical awareness of the recruiters so that they are able to correctly distinguish between qualified and unqualified candidates. Correctly defining the roles and duties of a job is also important. A lot of companies who do not consider this during the hiring process end up recruiting overqualified candidates who over the time get demotivated and leave the company.

Candidate’s potential to adapt

Information technology is a rapidly changing field in which new technologies and updates to previous ones are released every day. The technologies that are being used today will become outdated in the next two years and the cycle will go on. To accommodate the new and ever changing demands of the IT industry, companies should hire the candidates who can keep their technology stack updated and have no trouble in learning new technologies. Fast growing companies look for people who have the potential to grow along with the company. A single employee who lacks the drive to grow and upgrade his skillset can impede the growth of a company resulting in waste of time and resources. 

Avoiding Unconscious Bias

One thing that recruiters in the tech industry need to realize is that the definition of “qualified candidate” is different from other industries. In business, engineering and other fields; college and grades are taken into consideration seriously because they define the ability and skills of candidates but in the tech industry there are more than one ways to master the technologies being used in the market. Thousands of resources are available online that help people learn better than what is being taught in most universities. Often the recruiters are biased in favor of someone with a college degree. This bias at times eliminates the candidates who have better expertise and prefers the candidates with less technical expertise. This unconscious bias should be thrown out in the tech industry and selection of a candidate should solely depend on their abilities and expertise. 

The lawyer and new technologies. 3 tips to seize the opportunities

The lawyer and new technologies. 3 tips to seize the opportunities

  1. Adapt to the times and to society
    The data of the Politecnico di Milano Observatory ” Professionals and digital Innovation ” have highlighted a delay in the legal profession with respect to social changes, and the need to adapt the figure of the lawyer to contemporary and future society is evident.

The traditional economic model must be reviewed in the light of the new needs and requirements of the customer, the great variability of the market, the possible and new areas of intervention of the professional.

We live in the era of “continuous connection” : in the world, billions of people connect and surf the web 3.0 of social networks every day. In Italy, at least 43 million people are online in 2018, or 73% of the population. The smartphone is always at hand, the searches on Google every day are thousands and thousands: even legal ones.

Stay in step with your customers
With the always – connected web but also the constant use of messaging platforms and online giants of e-commerce (from Amazon to Zalando), the consumer mentality has also changed, and expects comprehensive and timely responses. Even in the legal field: response times are always shorter, customers demand quick if not immediate answers . The same legal-legal language, with the use of email, Skype or other audio or video messaging systems , is adapting to a more direct , less verbose or elaborate communication .

It is therefore necessary to rethink the figure of the lawyer. Attention to technology and digital innovation can be the turning point to adapt the profession to the times and needs of consumers by creating greater accessibility and proximity to customers , as professions in the legal and economic field have done for some time (accountants and labor consultants).

Renew the study
Digitization has been taking place for some time in the civil, administrative and tax litigation, while for the criminal it is still in the trial phase). The telematic process has certainly pushed (and in some cases even forced) lawyers to technological innovation, which means reorganizing their own studio and also incurring expenses to allow the transition to financially support the costs of the digital switchover.

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